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Patient Content Store    
PCS - powered by Teleologic 'Deep Content' software technology

Teleologic Patient Content Store (PCS)

Discharge summaries and outpatient letters, inter-hospital transfers, patient pathway management and clinical audit reporting.

Patient Content Store (PCS) helps deliver the best patient care by providing fast, secure and easy-to-use access to patient clinical information for the whole clinical team.

PCS is helping thousands of clinical staff in cardiology, cancer care, diabetes, and many other clinical specialties to update patient records directly in clinic, ward or MDT meeting, review and send discharge summaries and clinic letters, manage referral to treatment pathways including inter-hospital transfers, and to get instant access to clinical audit reports.

PCS is entirely web-based to allow the greatest flexibility in terms of usage, supported by a pricing structure that ensures best value. Designed over many years working with clinicians, PCS includes a built-in screen and workflow builder to ensure complete compatibility with every clinical department's unique profile.

PCS is an integrated product developed in-house by Teleologic Ltd and fully supported by our technical team. This means that we can continue adding new features and integrating new technology, while providing the highest standards of system support and maintenance.

As technical IT specialists, Teleologic can deliver bespoke projects and have many years experience in developing interfaces to other NHS computer systems, thus saving valuable time for clinical staff and management and ensuring data quality.

To find out more, please call Teleologic on 01603 765737, or email info@teleologic.co.uk or contact us online.



The Patient Content Store Advantage

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Removes "clinical information silos" and improves clinical process

Clinical information retrievable via web browser by any authorised user from any networked PC

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